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We live in a very complex era of uncertainty with viruses, political instability, climate change, wars and rumours of wars triggering market volatility and supply chain disruptions. The landscape of business is changing rapidly and traditional methods of doing business are failing. We help our clients navigate these complex but also exciting times. We help them press into heaven for supernatural blueprints and strategies specific to their lives and businesses.
We also offer continued support to our clients and play an active role throughout the lifecycle of their lives and businesses.

LightUp is a global marketplace ministry (mentors, life coaches, trainers and marketplace prophets) helping people (business leaders, entrepreneurs, employees and students) discover their true Godly identity and equip them to strategically navigate complex life and business environments.

We not only mentor and coach established businesses, but also believe that every person is created for greatness and has a specific mandate on earth. We help anyone from students feeling stuck to CEOs needing solutions to large complex problems. We press into heaven for supernatural breakthroughs and help people reach their ultimate purpose.

No problem is too complex for God and He can give guidance on growth and direction to anyone from students, employees, and startups to well-established businesses.

We are entrepreneurial and business-focused and believe that most people carry a seed for business which can flourish in the right environment with the right support and development. We help our clients find and develop that seed.

We provide continued support, leadership and further specialized skills development through our technology partner, CloudTrain Academy an online training Academy focussing on basic, intermediate and advanced skills for all areas of business and corporate environments.


  • CloudTrain Academy sows financially into LightUp as part of their social heart for upliftment.
  • CloudTrain Academy is LightUps technology partner and supports LightUp with technology and expertise.
  • LightUp provides scholarships to disadvantaged students for further specialist skills development through CloudTrain Academy.


To be a dynamic Marketplace Ministry helping people in the marketplace discover their true Godly identity and purpose through prophetic insight and to equip them for their Godly mandated lives and careers/businesses.


We will achieve our vision by pressing into heaven for strategy and blueprints that will form a roadmap for each unique individual’s life and business and provide continued mentoring, skills development and support services.


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LightUp ascribes to the following values system:

Courage – We believe that leadership takes courage; a willingness to take risks in the pursuit of transformational change and expanding our organization’s impact.

Team Collaboration – We believe that through teamwork, innovative thinking and inclusive participation and synergy the combined effects are far greater than the sum of all separate effects.

Stewardship – We believe in being good stewards of our time, giftings, resources and taking accountability of all aspects of the organisation to expand our organisations impact.

Integrity – We are authentic, transparent and reliable. We do what we say we will do.

Excellence – We are committed to pursuing the highest possible standards at every level of the organization.

Kingdom Community Focus – We hold a biblical worldview, values and through servant leadership we are committed to a positive environment in which everyone may experience a sense of belonging and worth.

Our Team


Johan Maritz

Kingdom entrepreneur with a passion for helping people reach their full potential.



Marlene Freislich

Networking specialist with a passion for people and a focus to uplift people in disadvantaged communities globally.



Lillian Krüger

Diverse and multi-faceted business executive responsible for creativity, marketing and funding deliverables.

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